Educate Yourself On the Needs of Care Driven Entrepreneurs

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Description of the Course

What is the fastest growing sector of the American economy?  It is healthcare.  Everyday small and large assisted living, skilled nursing centers, renal dialysis clinics, small and large hospitals are all looking for real estate to use.

A real estate professional can really develop a niche for yourself by having foreknowledge of the needs of the industry.  This applies whether you choose to focus on large projects or relatively small ones such as homes for the aged or adult foster care.

This course takes you on a journey to provide a well-rounded view of this industry's needs.

What's included?

1 Quiz
7 Texts
Bruce McCollum
Bruce McCollum
Director of Curriculum

About the instructor

Bruce McCollum is a professional, technical writer who has researched over 500 individual subjects in order to bring education and training alive on the web.

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