Human Trafficking - What Real Estate Professionals Need to Know

Proof That All Professionals Must Join the Fight

This is a course prepared by a combination of law enforcement, real estate, healthcare and business executives for one purpose: Give real estate professionals the ingredients to share in recognizing and reporting the crime of human trafficking.

What's included?

1 Quiz
7 Texts
Joint Curriculum Team
Joint Curriculum Team
Chief Collaborators

About the instructor

This is generally a team of eight, (8), with individual members varying based upon the subject.  Their role is to choose subjects, add curriculum, refine curriculum, test info in the market and update material as data and markets change.  The overall group has 3 real estate brokers, 1 attorney, 2 MBAs with real estate and healthcare investment experience, 1 professional writer, 1 visual artist and 2 nurse case managers.  Bruce McCollum, (pictured on right of photo) is the facilitator which makes it his job to choose the right words and composition in order to bring a course to life on paper and Ian Clark, (pictured at left in photo) as the visual artist, has the job of making it come alive with the most meaningful graphics.

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