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Think about it.  Real estate professionals are more than just salespeople.  Your knowledge of laws affecting the next deal you seek to make happen can serve your client well.

This course takes a look at applicable and practical case law in a way that breaks down how it all can serve you for the long-term.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Section I: Case Law Helps Realtors Make Smart Decisions

    • Section I-A: Why the Review of Applicable Case Law is To Your Advantage

    • Section I-B: The Rule of Finality

  • 2

    Section II: Leases in the Business of Care and Otherwise...

    • Section II-A: The World of Leases

    • Section II-B: The Personal Guaranty; What is it?

    • Section II-C: The Language of the Personal Guaranty

    • Section II-D: The Renewed Importance of the Guaranty

  • 3

    Section III: Commercial Leases and Similar Deals

    • Section III-D: The Commercial Negotiation and the Guaranty

  • 4

    Section IV - Review

    • Section IV-A: A Look at What We Have Discussed

About the instructor

Director of Curriculum

Bruce McCollum

This is the instructor section. You can use this space to tell and show your students who you are and why you're the perfect person to teach the course you're offering. You can talk about your work and education history, and really anything else that shows off who you are so your students get excited about learning from you. You're the expert after all, this is your chance to shine!

What others have been saying about this course:

Learn now from today's law for tomorrows decisions!

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